Off-Road Suspensions

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About Us

T.I. Designs has developed Off-Road Suspension parts to give both the off-road recreational and racing enthusiast a quality product at an affordable price. Our products are manufactured here in the USA at our shop, not a cheap copy made in China or other foreign countries.

Off-roading is a dangerous motorsport. These products are sold without warranty, implied or intended, and no responsibility is assumed by Tweeds Innovative Designs, LLC for damage, injury or death from the use of these products. Remember, there is no substitute for safe, sensible driving.

New Products


AS-U & AS-UR Standard or 3″ raised height spindles

T.I.Designs has introduced their latest spindle for VW based King & Link-Pin front suspensions to their lineup. The new AS-U comes in two styles, standard height and raised spindles both made with the chromoly Combo spindle stubs. They are made for either Hiem-end or International tie rod ends. The spindle set comes complete with fitted link-pins and link-pin high misalignment spacers. Two large 1” Uniballs  are supported by two parallel plates welded to form an extremely ridged frame which allows the spindle to travel up and down without the inherent binding issues associated with the older style design, thus giving a smooth movement though out the up and down travel and the steering swing. The spindle are designed with all the proper factory camber, king-pin inclination and built in caster. The AS-U spindle will bolt up to any of the T.I. Designs front trailing arms and almost all other aftermarket arms and stock arms as well.


Dual Shock Arms

  • Our Dual Shock add on will let you use 1 or 2 shocks, either a coil-over,
  •     emulsion shock or bypass shock.
  • This can be added to our AS-245, AS-335 and our AS-445.
  • This should be used with a towerless beam.