AS-BJ 3.5 Inch Raised Spindle


AS-BJ $315.00 per pair

AS-BJG Bracket $50.00 pair



Our AS-BJ spindle is a replacement off road spindle that will raise your vehicle 3 ½ inches. It is made to use your existing ball joint tie ends, ball joints and drum brakes. Disc brake can be used. The added lift allows you to retain your 40/60 (compression- rebound settings) for a great off road ride.

3.5 inch lift
Chromoly ball joint spindle stub
Comes with spacers for stock drum brakes.
Ghia disc bracket caliper mount available “AS-BJG”.
1966 to 1968 spindles may require a newer inner bearing , seal and tie-rod end.
It now comes drilled and tapped with 10 x 1.5 metric threads for the brake mount. Longer bolts might be needed depending on brake selection.

Comes with standard Ball Joint chromoly Stub or the larger Combo Stub.
The AS-BJ can be ordered with the stock Ball Joint tie rod mount or the International tie rod mount or for Hiems.
The AS-BJ can also be drilled for stock speedo cable.



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